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Business Coaching


Business coaching helps owners/CEOs improve their organisation's commercial performance.  Typical metrics include:

  • Sales growth

  • Cost control

  • Organisational design

  • Customer acquisition

  • Efficiency improvements

  • Profit growth

  • Work/life balance improvements

  • Development planning in place

  • Team effectiveness and loyalty

Executive Coaching


Executive coaching focuses on individual performance improvements.  That could be an owner/CEO, or a senior manager.  Anyone who needs support in specific areas.  Typical topics include: 

  • Delegation and people management skills

  • Planning for and coping with change

  • Building a company culture

  • Team management skills - selection, development and exiting

Team Coaching


This is about creating really effective, cohesive, focused teams who work together to deliver transformational results that would otherwise be impossible.  Just as two horses harnessed together can pull more than twice their individual limits, well-coached, united teams in organisations can take business results to an altogether different level. 

This is a new service, delivered jointly with Carol Pearson, a highly experienced senior business leader and accredited coach, whose international CV includes Louis Vuitton, Ritz Carlton Group, and Intercontinental Hotel Group. 

We are very excited to be developing our own methodology in this increasingly critical area of business improvement.  Please talk to us today about how we can help with your team  


My consultancy work is about providing answers and helping implement solutions. 

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