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What we do

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Performance improvement 

Clients come to us to help create or enable positive change that is significant and sustained.  We work closely with them do this rapidly, reliably and affordably.

Our clients are CEOs, business owners, and senior managers who want to improve the performance of themselves, their organisation, or of their management teams.

Creating change within oneself, or within an organisation can be hard without the objectivity, analysis, insight, and support that come from an experienced external resource.

How we do it

Our backgrounds comprise coaching, marketing, e-commerce, data analysis, consultancy, strategy, senior management, and HR.  We draw on all these areas and approaches to tailor-make an approach that best suits the needs of each client and their situation. 

Team coaching


Organisations are made up of teams.  Team effectiveness defines the performance of the organisation, so we identify and address the limiting factors within senior leadership and other teams to remove the constraints on better performance.

Executive coaching


Individual coaching helps business leaders and senior managers perform at their best. It provides both challenge and support to enable new insight and assurance.  Coaching provides business owners and CEOs a completely confidential space in which to explore and resolve ideas, innovations, fears, concerns, frustrations and hopes.  The process clarifies the leader's vision, and creates better focus on what really makes a difference to their performance. 


Business coaching


Our business coaching helps owners and CEOs find the right goals, the right strategies, the right people, and create the right environment for success to happen.  We cover all aspects of a business, or focus on specific challenge areas, according to the need.  A coach partners with a client for a period in which defined goals will be achieved.   

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